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Document Scanner Premium Apps

Fast OCR processing and hand made multi page document scanner in a minute with edit, save pdf and share the file quickly. Document Scanner and OCR is very quick text recognition mechanism and easy to use. Convert hand made analog file into digital soft pdf file with or without password protected mode if anyone decided to use my app Service.If you choose to use our Service, this app does not collect the user Personal Information But required user opinios that will help to providing and improving the Service. We will not use or share your opinior with anyone.The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions,

App Key Feature

- OCR for text recognition and editing recognise text and share - Make the scan document black and white. - Change scanning document color. - Come back original document. - Resize the scanning document. - Auto edge detection and cropping - Auto Crop ON/OFF - Making gray scale document. - Rotating the scanning document clock wise direction. - Page edges are detected automatically. - Smooth and nice user interface - Let the super fast operation of Swift Document Scanner. - Save the document with as pdf - Save the document with password protected - File (pdf,jpg,png,gif) download from internet - Read the document if need next time - File Manager for read or delete or share the file - App Setting - Share this file manager document with Facebook , twitter, dropbox etc - Share by email.

How to use It :

Simply set your document on the table and then frame it up on the screen. If lighting is bad in your room, tap on the light OFF icon to turn on your device camera flash. Capture the image. if in setting page auto crop is ON then system will automatically detect he edge and crop the correct document. App have a feature to scan multiple page after crop the image it will show you in a list of scan image. From Scan image list user can edit if need. User have options to give the file name for save. File will be save as pdf format. In setting page have option to set your pdf file password protected. so set the password simply type your password in password text field then press done button on keyword. If you see the file in the app then no need to retype your password. System will automatically v the password. Then will show the pdf file in pdf reader view. From Pdf Reader page app have the options to share the pdf file by email, various social media or social apps.

OCR Functions:

Simply snap/capture by camera instantly or choose from photo gallery of pdf document. Then system will take some time for Text recognition processing. After completed the processing, document text will show in text view where user can edit or added some new text. Then click save button. here users can give file name finally it will save as txt format and added storage list . From Storage list the ocr file will have options to share by email, various social media or social apps.

File Download:

File download option added newly. Simply type or paste your expected file (pdf, png, jpg, gif etc) url then The document will download also show download progress.Any file you can download and save as same format. After download the file next time read the downloaded file by pdf reader or share the pdf file by email, various social media or social apps.

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